The concept starts in Italy, between Rome, Florence, Naples and Milan with events and artisanal markets. The first international step is in Stockholm, the capital of Northern European design, and after Hub Original will organize festivals throughout Europe, bringing together designers, creatives, artists and cool people in a unique and traveling event. A gypsy bandwagon that travels the world bringing fabrics, accessories, jewels from all over the world. He stops in the city creating a market, a place for entertainment, parties and sharing, but in magical, unusual, totally unexpected places.
Now or never. Temporary spaces in the middle of nowhere.
Be part of it. Be part of the origin.
Ab origines // Hub original.


Hub original spreads in the world the finest artisans and craftsmanship of Italy and its best lifestyle. Wearing something, sharing the tradition, personalizing with creativity. The core of H-O business is the delocalization of production through the use of super-specialized and single-product local artisans, who are directed by stylists and centralized marketing. The best of local italian design blends with the merits of large retailers. The Hub Original proposal takes place through lifestyle archetypes that offer the customer unique and unobtainable accessories, selected by our stylists. So not only the world of clothing, but also of slow smoking, jewelry, watches, technology and much more that can make your life an original unicum. The fundamental value is precisely originality, customization, particularity, uniqueness. Through a highly technological web portal, each customer can access a thousand variations of each individual product, or ask himself for further specialization in colours, accessories, initials, symbols, signs and whatever else his creativity suggests.


" Nothing is more necessary than superfluous "

Oscar Wilde - The portrait of Dorian Gray

Starting from Italy but just for the beginning. The project thus becomes scalable on the craftsmanship and design of each nation. You grasp their tastes, habits and in some special cases it allows the fusion of styles. Thus an Italian tie is made with Japanese silks, a Korean designer signs a shoe made in London, a French designer can create a foulard with Kenyan linens, a Colombian colored cotton cloth becomes a vintage turban in Hamburg.

Unique pieces, limited collections, stories told through photos, videos, studies of cultures and traditions that you can access only and only if you believe in that story.


{ experience native experiences }

If you are a person who wants a certain type of clothing, you are a person who wants a certain type of life.

Be present in unique and unrepeatable experiences.

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